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How to lose weight in 4 easy step

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There are many step to lose the weight faster.  We can achieve the target to lose the weight faster in four easy step.  That helps you a lot to lose the weight.  In this article we mention the few steps to lose the weight. That step maintain your body shape also providing a health.  As we know that health is a great wealth.  So we maintain our weight or a body shape, that providing us to health.  I also lose my weight  with a little effort,  I set my target and lose my weight.  It is a beneficial thing to lose your extra weight, because large weifght have many issues or diseases, like hypertention, heartattack, bones week, osteoporosis, and also a arthritis.  But all these  diseases is more common in the womwn as compared to female.  So be ready to get achive your goal to lose your weight. 

  1. Do not drink a beer

                        It is better to you,  do not used a beer instead you eat something

                        Otherthing.  Researcher study revealed that thing that beer increase

                       Your weight.  So it is important to you and your health to be careful

                       Fom the beer.  It also effect your health and also greatly your

                       Stomach.  So in this way you should take care of your health also

                      And also lose your weight.  Keeping in the mind do not use the beer 

                     During the losing a weight. 

  •        No use fruit juice

       it is important for losing the weight is to reducing the  fruit juice.  Because  in fruit, there is much more calories is present.  So for losing the weight it is necessary to take the low calorie drink.  So a artificial making juices have much more calorie and that calorie have much harmful to your health also and also you may putting the weight. 

  • Eating portion

It is also important for losing the weight, also necessary to maintain your eating portion.  For losing the weight fastly it is necessary to maintain your eatinhg portion.  By controlling the eating portion, you must lose your weight fastly.  If you eat the more caloroie food at one time, mean that you take the heavy meal.  Then you should plan your diet in that way to next time you should take the less calories.  All these things helping you a lot to control your eating portion. 

  • Taking the exercise

It is a important step to lose the weight fastly.  In addition to this it also helping you to lose your weight fastly.  To taking the exercise regularly that will booste your metabolism and also fast you body functions also.  To taking exercise, a more sweat come in any person body and sweat is a main souce to lose your weight faster.  All these thing helping you a lot to lose your weight fastly.  Sweat can fast your metabolism, sweat also provide you a strength to your body.  In addition to this to taking the exercise regularly is a good habbit for every person who actually want to lose the weight.  Basically exercise is good way to lose the weight faster as you can.  But all these thing depend on yto your diet and a exercise habbits.  In addition to this that also helping you to maintain your health also.  That thing made you a healthy and be carefull to by gaining the weight.  So you must join the gym for losing the weight fastly.  Daily workout helps you to lose the weight fastly.  If you taking a regularly exercise in gym daily then that workout also provide you a benefits to you.  You may defiantly lose your weight. 

There are some other method to lose the weight fastly here I also reprent that :

  1. Stop taking alcohol

When a person drink the alcohol more in to our diet then that is harmful in to your health.  It effect badly in to your health.  By taking the alcohol in ti your diet that may also  slow down your metabolism and also effect on your brain.  It can also dammage your brain fuction.  A disease can be occur due to taking the alcohol in to your diet.  It is necessary to keep your  brain function  work.  Brain function or a body function maintain with the help of this.  So now you know  all these side effects of using the alcohol.  So keep avoiding the alcohol to adding this in to your diet

So all these above discussion show that you no must not use the alcohol in to your diet.  Addiction of alcohol is a bad habit for a every individuals health.  So you should not use the alcohol if you want to lose the weight fast. 

  • Avoid the sugar drink or food

If you lose the weight fast, you should avoid the large sugar drinks also if you really want to lose the weight.  In addition to this it could also helps you to lose the weight also and also helps you to reduce the risk of several diseases.  If we consume the more during of full of sugar then it would harmful to your health.  By consuming the sugar too much it may lead to a diabetes. And Diabetes is a major disease now a days.  Every person have a diabetes.  About 85 % people have suffering from Diabetes.  So now a days you also care of your health also.  Scientific study proved that thing, Diabetes occur in the every age of people. But is is more common in the old age people.  It can also occur in the adult age people or in the young one peoples. 

  • Eating the less calories food

For losing the weight it is necessary to consume a one person less calories.  To consuming a less calories helps you a lot to lose your greater weight.  The more important thing is that to control your diet if you want to lose your weight.  All these things helping you a lot to lose the weight fast as you can if you seriously want to lose the fat or a weight.  If you add the fruit and nutrition in to your diet then they provide you a greater benefit to your health.  This entire thing helping you a lot to lose your weight also and also keeps your health active and save. 

  • Divide your food

For losing the weight it is necessary to divide your food in to a portion.  That habit adds in to your diet to divide your eating portion.  It has a benefit to you by adopting that habit it would be beneficial to you may eat less food and you feel that you eating the more.  In this way you may consume less calories then you may also control your weight and also to control your belly fat.  All these things helping you a lot to lose your weight fast.  In addition to this you may also keeps a healthy person if your weight is according to your age.  Some people have less age and there weight is more, so a several problem can occur on theirs body.  But some people have normal or high age, but they have very low weight, due to their low weight have occurred at several problem. 

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