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How many steps a day to lose weight

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Can you know that thing how many steps a day you should need to lose your weight? You many or, may not know this question.                                                          Because the answer is depend on your capacity or a fitness level.  Your work depends on your energy level.  For losing the weight you should a step.                                          You must need comfortable steps for losing the weight.                                                           For losing the weight you also must take care of your diet also.  Because when you take care of your diet also you may also succeed in your mission. 

10,000 steps

Why we need to do the 10,000 step for losing the weight.  It is necessary to lose the weight.                                                                                                                                There are many steps to lose the weight that helps you to lose the weight fastly.  Because 10,000 steps burn you’re fatter and helps you to lose the weight fastly.               It also maintains your body metabolism.                                                                                          If you decide to take the 10,000 steps that is about 5 miles distance.  The moderate level of exercise is you take the 150 mint per week.                                           That is the reason you should take the maximum step for burnt your fat or losing the weight also. 

It is not compulsory that thing, you should need to lose the weight within a 10,000 steps.  But if you follow that 10,000 steps then you may need the better or a fast result. 

How many step you must need in a day?

There are many steps that helps you a lot to lose the weight fastly.  In a day if you take that steps target then it will be better for your favor.  The answer of this question, how many steps you must need in a day?  It was depend on your ability or your capacity.  How much a body needs to do how many steps in a day?  If you take the 5 steps in your daily life, then according to it you give a answer or result.  Then if you take the 100 steps in a day then you may also take another result. 

In a research study, show that a healthy person should take about 4,000 or near about the 17,000 steps per day.  So a healthy individual should take that target easily. 

But if you want to compare your daily steps with the activity level

Then the following category;

Inactive level: less than 5,000 steps per day

More active: more than take 12,500 steps per day. 

Average: about 7,500 to 9,000 steps per day. 

The number of steps you need to do in a day that all depend on your goal and your body ability or requirement.                                                                                            It depends to on your ability to do how many steps in a day.  I mention you a step you may do in a day according to your ability of your body. 

Thus the entire thing is depend on your body capacity or ability, that how much you should take the steps in a day. 

All these thing helping you a lot to lose the weight fast.  Most important thing is that that how much your weight?                                                                                            And how much weight you need to lose the weight?  And how much want to lose the weight. 

If you weight is above to 80 then you should take at least 5,000 steps in a day.  It depends on your body capability.  All entire things helps you a lot to lose your weight fastly. 

And if your weight is nearly 110 kg then you must take the at least 10,000 steps in a day.  Because this helps you a lot to lose the weight nearly about as you desire that. 

Set your goal

If you take the about 15,000 steps in a day then you must do that.   In the above I mention you that thing all the step depend on your ability or your body need.  Then 15,000 steps helps you a lot to lose the weight.  It may depend to on you that how much you lose the weight within a month or more than 2 month. 

In the start of your activity you must start with the slowly activity.  Then you should slowly increase your steps day by day. 

In the start you make your target 100 steps per day and every day you must increase your target. 

In the next day you must increase your target.  It is important thing day by day you must increase your steps not to lose your number of steps.                                                It is not a matter that how many steps you increase but important thing is that you increase your step that is not a matter that less step you increase or large you increase. 

Slowly you must reach your target easily.  All this things depend on your ability or your level of capacity. 

Is running helps you to take more steps?

That is the most important question.  Is running helps a person to lose your weight? Is running helps a person to take the more steps? 

The answer of this question is simple is that?  Yes running helping you a lot to increase you step in a day.  Moreover it would also help you to lose your weight. 

Only 1 minute of running should increase your metabolism level that automatically increases your steps level.  Then you should take the more steps in a day.  You should increase your steps level also. 
Tips of walking

There are several tips for walking.  Here we mention some tips for walking.

  • Daily walk :

You must need to take the daily walk if you surely want to lose the weight.  It doesn’t matter to walk how many time but do not leave the habit of daily walking. 

  • Walk and walk:

      When you do any work you must try to not stop your walking.  You must try

       To work continuously while doing the walk.

  • Take stairs :

It is important step to take the stair more.  As you take the stairs more then you should lose your weight as you desire. 

  • Increase the distance:

It is also important thin to increase your distance also.  As you increase you steps and also increase you distance also

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