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High fiber food list to lose weight

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This is the most important thing to add the fibers in to your diet.  So add the fiber in to your diet is better for your health also.  And it also beneficial loses the weight. 

What is fiber?

Fiber is defined as indigestible part of plant that helps you in several ways. Fiber is containing a carbohydrate that is present rich in plants.  That also creates the feeling of fullness in to your stomach.  Fibers are helping you to lose the weight in a very effective way.   Moreover it also helps you to maintain the body function. Fiber is full of protein, mineral, and also a vitamin.   To adding the fibers in to your diet can decrease the risk of several diseases.  It prevents the person to reduce the risk of cholesterol level, arteriosclerosis, and many other diseases.  Fibers are found in the following sources:

  • Legumes
  • Whole grains
  • Cereal grains
  • Fruits
  • vegetables

How much fiber you eat 

About the age of 19-50 women, take about 26-28 grams of fiber daily.  And in the men take about 31-34 grams of fiber daily at the age of 19-50.  Try to get the fiber sources from the vegetables, grains, whole grain.  That above mention part of fiber, you should be eating.  Because that provide you a better chance to solve your body problem.  But by taking the fiber, most part act in reducing your weight.  it is more effective recipe to lose your weight also, and also maintain your body faction.  Provide you a lot of benefits. 

Fiber have two category, they either be a soluble fiber and may also have a insoluble fiber.  Soluble is dissolving in to the water but a insoluble fiber does not dissolve in to the water.  In a short summary, soluble is indigestible part of plant that feel you a full but also keeps you a regular.  That also helping you to keeps your kidney clean.  That also helps to prevent the many disease, such as heart attack and many other kidney diseases, kidney stone, lithotripsy and a kidney transplant. 

Benefits of taking the fibers

  • To taking the fiber in to your diet, that lowers the heart attack issues.  Also help to lower the diabetes, type 2 diabetes.                                                                                   It is important to add the fiber in to your diet because it lowers the cholesterol level, inflammation, blood pressure.                                                                                   Moreover it also regulates the sugar level in our body.  It collects the cholesterol from the bile and pushes them outside the body.                                                                       By adopting the fiber in to our diet, it surely decreases the risk of heart attack issues also. 
  • It also performs main part in reducing the weight.  Because by taking the fibers in to your diet, that can reduce the feeling of appetite.  It creates the feeling of fullness, that way fibers helps you a lot in losing the weight. 

List of fiber with their grams

By taking the fiber you must follow the list of fiber with the mention of their gram.  That can helps you a lot that, how much you eat the fibers in per day. 

  1. Black beans

You should take the cooked black beans with the 15 grams per day.  Black bean helps you to lower your blood cholesterol level.  And it also taking the same role as the legumes or a lentil performs in our body.  That is helping you a lot to lose your weight.  It contains antioxidants, such as falcon, that have ability to decrease the diseases and perform as an anti-cancer in the body function. 

  • Garbanzo beans

You should take the garbanzo beans within 12 grams per day.  Garbanzo beans are also called as chickpeas.  Because that, provide a beneficial for the diabetes patient.                                                            That also lowers the cholesterol level.  And also help in reducing the risk of diabetes.                                                                                               In addition to this, garbanzo beans are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, magnesium and also a vitamin B6. 

In fact garbanzo beans are helps a person to lose their weight.  They also maintain their body in maintain the function. 

  • Guava

You should take the guava within 9 grams per 1 cup.  In guava there are many benefits present here.                                                                                It contains the antioxidants that help your body to perform many functions and also have a major role in losing your extra weight.                                      It has not any side effect.                                                                                       If anything I mention in my article not providing you a benefit, then they also not providing you any side effects. 

  • Lentil

You should take the lentils about 15.6 grams per 1 cup in your diet.  It was helping you a lot to losing you weight also.                                        

 And also maintain your body function.  It has also performing the part to reducing the level of cholesterol.                                                                  

   And also decrease the risk of heart attack issues. It may provide you greater benefits. 

  • Split peas

It contains a rich of fiber that provide you a greater benefit to lose the weight.                                                                                                               

  In addition to this it also helps you a lot to maintain your body function.  It also boosts up your metabolism.                                                                  

  It helping you a lot to reduce your body weight without any exercise or any hard effort.                                                                                               

 Because that create the feeling of fullness in to your stomach that thing prevent you to not eat any other thing. 

  • Avocado

You should take the avocado about 10 gram per 1 cup in a day.                    

They contain the monounsaturated fat, a type of fat that prevent a person to decrease the risk of fat.                                                             

They also help a person to lower the cholesterol level.  It makes your day best and also refreshing. 

  • Black berries

You should take the 8 gram in 1 cup per day.  Black berries contain vitamins, minerals, calcium’s and also vitamins k.                                         

  All this things helping a person to maintain their body function also.

It also helps or to lower the cholesterol level.  And also reduce the risk of heart attack.   


So all thus above discussion proved that thing, fiber is more essential in our diet as the other foods

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